I am R.P.Feynman,aka r0ch1n which are more cyberpunk.(hahaha XD
I got lots of names, you may hear such like xphi4k, nur00t and so on..
I used to change domain frequently also, my previous one is pur.dog, but now I stay in r0.is
Wanna say something? Click Guestbook, I’d love to hear your idea. Nice to meet u in this world.


rm -rf / *

  • 2018 加入了Tjerv
  • 2010-2013 湄公河反猴(Hacked by CHN hackers)
  • 2009 方向网络安全 在Dr.awer服役
  • 2008 感动中国人物组委会特别奖获得者
  • 2006 《时代》年度封面人物

Study and Practice, Years of it.

Learner, Hacker, Poet.


i#r0.is or xphi4k#pm.me Keybase @zoengjinnbiu

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